Grants and Rebates

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2016 Grants 

The City's Finance Department administers a number of grant programs on behalf of City Council.

The Community Service Grant consists of funds provided by City Council to organizations that are primarily concerned with providing services to various members of the community, including but not limited to the elderly, persons with disabilities, people on low income, or special needs groups. Review the Municipal Charges and Community Service Grants Policy and the City Grantmaking Policy here. The 2020 application deadline was June 11. 

The Municipal Service Grant provides grants for property taxes and, in some cases, other specific municipal charges to non-profit charitable and/or recreational organizations that lease municipally owned property.

The Senior Utility Rebate is available to Whitehorse citizens aged 65 or older, or to surviving spouses who meet the program’s criteria. The Utility Rebate provides a rebate to citizens from fees paid under the water, sewer and garbage services up to a maximum of $500 per year. Complete and return the application and EFT forms to City Hall at 2121 2nd Avenue. Applicants that have received the rebate in previous years can complete their applications online here. The 2020 Senior Utility Rebate application deadline is December 31.

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