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Aquatic Update: October 21
Starting November 1st, bookings will become available at 7am for November 7th and onward.

Please follow our updated guidelines when booking lane or family swims:

  • Lane swims and leisure pool lane are limited to 1 booking per person per day. Individuals who do not show up for their bookings twice in a 2-week period will be unable to book for 7 days.
  • Family Time Swims are limited to 1 booking per person in a 2-week period. Families who do not show up for their time slot will be unable to make Family Time bookings for the next 4 weeks.
  • If you can no longer make your booked time slot, you can cancel it in-person, on the phone (668-8360) or email (aquatics@whitehorse.ca) up to 4  hour prior to the start time without penalty.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email aquatics@whitehorse.ca

 aquatic booking


  1. Register for a time slot online or in-person (as early as 7 days in advance and up to minutes before, provided there is still space available).  Book only 1 time-slot per person per day.
  2. Arrive ready to swim: Arrive in your swimsuit, bring your googles, swim cap, water bottle, towel and flip flops/water shoes with you. Leave shampoo, body wash, hair dryers, etc., at home.
  3. Get your wristband at the front desk.
  4. Pool entry is through the viewing area doors. Remove your footwear and follow instructions by staff.
  5. Each registrant  will be given a container for their personal belongings which can be placed at their swim lane. Please change on deck and keep items in your container.
  6. Clean equipment is also located on the viewing deck and can be picked up now.
  7. Personal items can be placed at your assigned swim area.
  8. You are required to have a quick cleansing shower prior to entering the pool. The shower is located by the Steam Room.
  9. When done your activity, please place used equipment in the designated area and continue moving towards the change rooms. You will have a maximum of 15 minutes in the change rooms at the end of your time-slot.
  10. If a change room is needed soon or you require additional time, just ask a staff member for assistance. You may have to wait for the next available change room.
  11. Cancellation of a booking needs to be done in person or over the phone.  Call reception 668-8360 for assistance or email aquatics@whitehorse.ca
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